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Sex Is Impossible For Me!

Nina wrote:

I am 74 years old and my husband is 58. For the past couple of years it has become more and more difficult to have sexual relations because my legs seem to be becomig rigid, and will not open.

In fact, for the past six months, it has been impossible. It seems the tendons? in my groin have seized up.

I was born with nail patella syndrome, have problems with my skeleton, including hips, among various other things ... Do you think there is anything I can do?

Dear Nina,

A lot of people - even doctors, who should know better - dismiss any sex questions from 'older' people, on the basis that they are past it. As your letter proves, for some, the spirit is willing, even if the flesh is weak!

You'll understand that it would be inappropriate for me to offer specific medical advice to someone I have never met, and who has a complex medical history.

However, one thing you can do is talk to your doctor; if your doctor is not terribly interested, then consider changing doctors for one who has the patient's interest at heart.

You might also consider a sex therapist, if such a creature exists in your neighbourhood!

One or other (or both) should be able to assist you, after considering the whole of you and your history.

Meanwhile, you might be surprised at how you can often revitalise your sex life by experimenting with new positions; if hips and legs are your problem, then the 'missionary' position may be less than ideal; but there's plenty of others, not all confined to the inner pages of the Karma Sutra! Talk to your husband, and see how much he is willing to experiment!

Even if you find the perfect position for you both tonight, I'd still suggest seeing an expert - to help you future proof your sex life.

I hope this helps!

"Honest Advice"

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