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Advicemeant Archive 2012/14

Do I have an abortion for his sanity? - From what you say, no-one is applying any pressure on you, not even ...

My friend may be suffering sexual abuse - Your concerns about her hating you are understandable ... but not important

Friend holding a grudge - While he's conceivably right about his ex, he is wrong to carry on a vendetta, ...

I'm pretty sure I'm bisexual  - So have you thought about the consequences of coming out? It's called 'risk assessment'

Sex Is Impossible For Me! - You might be surprised at how you can often revitalise your sex life by experimenting ...

In Love - or About To Divorce? - Probably best to start with the obvious stuff ...

Hostile Mother-in-Law - We both need to know what your husband thinks about all this ...

Father losing interest in life - He clearly has problems, but he probably needs help and support rather than chastisement ...

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