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His Religion is Wrong!

Delia wrote:

How or does a marriage survive when one partner decides to follow a certain religion believes and the other does not? It has caused so many problems in our relationship that I just don’t know how much longer I can go on. This religion is destroying my marriage. I love my husband very much, but these beliefs are so wrong!!! Any advice would be great

Dear Delia

The thing about faith, is that it is right for the person who has it. He probably thinks your beliefs are just as wrong.

Ideally, husband and wife would share their beliefs. That is not always possible, of course - so the next best thing is an agreement to respect each others beliefs; that can work, and often does.

But without sharing or mutual respect, then you have a disaster for the marriage. I don't see how it can survive.

You don't mention children; it is vital that you agree to behave in a way that niether forces anything onto them, or makes life more difficult than it already must be.

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