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Advicemeant Archive 2010

Him 22. Me? 14 - This is NOT all preposterous and silly - it could be very dangerous ...

My Brother is a Loser - You have to accept that you cannot change him - that's his job ...

Biological Clock Stopped? - I do believe you when you say that you don't want kids; your certainty is not in doubt ...

How to Break a Man's Heart? - Breaking hearts is for teenagers, not career women ...

My Friend Will Be Live-In Hell - If you can't find a decent excuse, then be honest ...

When Do You Call It Quits? - Dedication to the family never meant setting an example of servitude and humiliation ...

I'm constantly comparing Myself to others - Crying at night is much more common than you'd think, and ...

Loathsome Boyfriend's Family - I cannot imagine for one second why you are within ten feet of this man ...

Minor Car Accident - I really cannot see why you are even thinking about this ...

Tempted to two-time - I'm always supsicious when a guy says "your friends take advantage of you" ...



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