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Advicemeant Archive 2009

Friends Are Forever - Unless They Are Not - It can take years to build up trust and seconds to destroy it. ...

I want to leave him - If he's been abusive and has neither recognised ...

Response to Patricia - how they choose to bring up their kids is their business and theirs alone ...

Mom and brother financially straining my marriage - you've barely mentioned your husband, but he's under as much strain as you - or more ...

The need to say "I Love You" - As you seem to have no idea how he feels, much better to keep your mouth firmly shut. ...

He Won't Marry Me - he's got all he needs, why would he marry you?

Unfriendly friend from overseas - I'm guessing you don't own the guy, and you are not married to him ...

He won't commit ... - Let's face it, you HAVE been pressuring him ...









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