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How to get husband to see my side

Wanda wrote:

My husband's father gave him a truck three years ago. The truck cost us 3000.00 dollars to fix. When his father got his third dwi and wrecked his truck, he came and took our truck. I'm upset because I feel my husband did nothing to protect me and our kids. I would like to sue him for the money we paid to fix the truck. 3000.00 is a lot of money for us. My husband says no because it's his father. My husband wants me to go around his dad and act like nothing ever happened. But I can't I feel like he took away from me and my kids. this isn't the only problem with is dad;

1. dad didn't show to our wedding because of his girlfriend feuding with my husbands mother.

2. I paid his dad 200.00 for a TV then his dad pawned it and I never got the TV or my money back.

3. has disrespected me several times in front of my husband and my husband never said a word. This is just a few things I've had to deal with. I want my marriage to work but don't know how to deal with my husband not standing up to his father.what should I do??

Dear Wanda

Forget the father-in-law and and the cash, forget the father-in-law and the truck, forget the father-in-law and the TV; this is not about your father-in-law, it's about your husband.

Your husband didn't support you over the cash.

Your husband didn't support you over the truck.

Your husband didn't support you over the TV.

You don't respect your father-in-law, and your father-in-law doesn't respect you, so don't even think about him. He's irrelevant.

This is between you and your husband; he puts himself before you, he puts himself before the kids. If it wasn't the father-in-law, it would be something else (and probably is). It's been going on for years, and it's not about to change.

Forget the father-in-law, and consider your options about your husband.

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