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Lesbian Friends

Karyn wrote:

Please help ... I have a female friend, A, who dresses like a guy and truth be told ... looks extremely hot as guy ... I noticed that from the first time we met, she was hitting on and sort of flirted with me ... I was at first puzzled until i realised she is a lesbian.

She continued on and on my part I continued on to be her friend...I don not know how to react around her ... she looks way hot as a guy and I could have be sure I almost fell in love with her ... However, I am actually straight and I still like guys.

Then this friend recently hooked up with another one of my friend, B, who is also a lesbian. Now this B who hooked up with A, also has previously taken an interest in me ... So, now as both of them are together, they are still hitting on me ... not so obvious though but somewhat light flirtations ... in front of each other...

Recently, I noticed the flirtations grow lesser and eventually stopped.They stopped flirting with me in front of each other ... I believe one or the other got jealous...( B was very jealous - I believe she stopped A who especially excessively flirts with me).

Now, it is even worst ... Because they perhaps have reached some sort of agreement between themselves to behave in front of me .... I could almost feel them acting everytime when we go out ... I felt frustrated as we are friends but due to what happen .... everything was restricted ... we each couln't be ourselves ... I even need to be careful around them as I don't want them to end up fighting with each other because of me ...

Now ... both of them is flirting with me behing each other's back ... Please help! I am in desperation! I want them to feel comfortable with me ... I don't want our friendship to be acted out ...

Dear Karyn

You really flatter yourself .... and you aren't really a good friend to either, are you?

You find the fact they they are lesbian to be endlessly fascinating, and you love the attention. But part of you seems to be frightened.

Of what?

Let's be clear; it takes two to flirt, and you've encouraged this attention - or it would not have got out of control. And now you feel it's all about you!

I suspect they are taking it in turns to wind you up, and that's probably no more than you deserve.

If you value friendship, be a friend; be honest, don't be a tease.

If lesbianism turns you on, frightens you, or simply arouses your curiosity, then why not talk about it? You have two experts close at hand.

Talk to them!

"Honest Advice"

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