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Did I Blow The Friendship?

Suzanne wrote:

I have a HUGE problem! I am attending a new school this year and I met a guy I really like. We became fast friends. I want to have a relationship with him and sometimes it feels like he wants that with me as well. I just don't know whether its me telling myself what I want to hear or is there something there.

All this is irrelavant compared to my HUGER problem. On a whim after having a great conversation, I asked him out by email later that night. His account showed that he had been on but late enough that he would have gotten my note. He didn't respond and I'm terrified I just ruined a perfectly awesome friendship. What do I tell him?

Dear Suzanne

Tell him "Hey, it's no big deal - didn't mean to be pushy"

So long as you make it light, and don't make a big deal, then it isn't a big deal. Don't try to force an answer out of him; you asked, now the ball is in his court. Not yours.

And let's face it, if the friendship can't take it, it wasn't as strong as you thought. Life goes on ...

Good Luck!

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