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Fight Happens and I'm Blamed!

Eve wrote:

Over the weekend, I went out with my six sister in laws (cousin sisters to my husband), we ended up going to a nightclub, which I originally thought we were just going to a sports bar, play pool for a couple of hours and then back to my husband’s cousins’ house (where we would all meet up with my husband and the rest of the family).

At closing time, the sisters ending up dancing with these guys, really dancing provocatively, etc. And by the time we were leaving the club, I had recognized one of the guys they were dancing with – he was an ex-boyfriend of an old girlfriend of mine. We small talked, caught up on old times, and he andhis friends ended up following us to the sister’s apartment complex. Before reaching the apartment, we stopped at the store, between the sisters, they had gotten the last beer sales and we all got to her place; and between 2 of his cousin sisters and 2 of those guys – they got into a pulling/shoving match over whose beer belong to who. During the shoving match, the beer fell on the sidewalk, broken glass everywhere, and before you knew it, there was a fight between all the cousin sisters and these 2 guys!

There was blood, punching, kicking, yelling, screaming, and cuts involved. One of the cousin sisters, ended up with a gash to her head from a broken beer bottle. The police, ambulance, apartment security, neighbors – everyone eventually came and reports were made; the 2 guys ended up arrested for aggravated assault and other charges.

The next day, after all the stories were told; my other sister in law, married into the family as well, had told me off to the side that all the cousin sisters were blaming ME for what had happened. They were saying that because I knew these guys, that this fight was all my fault. We have an upcoming Family Reunion with them, and I’m upset over hearing that this whole incident is being blamed on me. I told my husband that none of this would’ve happened if the girls would’ve just let that beer go, and if one of them hadn’t thrown the beer bottle at the guy, and that they shouldn’t have been shoving at them anyway.

But that’s the end of it now, that according to the cousin sisters, it was my fault this whole thing happened. What should I do with this situation and with our future Family Reunion, go or not go?? (I wasn’t involved in the fighting, I watched the whole thing happen standing at the side with another one of their sisters; she and I watched the whole thing happened).

Dear Eve

Oh, come on!

I'm not going to get deep in the entrails of a drunken fight - and nor should you. It's over, and the less fuss you make, the sooner the dust will settle. making an issue of it will affect family relationships for years.

Do you really want that?

I understand that you think they are drunken trailer trash, and they think you're Uptight Annie - but it really, really doesn't matter - unless you are looking for trouble. Are you?

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