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Commitment Issues?

Belinda wrote:

I have been dating a divorced man for the past year and a half. He had proposed but had asked that I please be patient until his divorce was finalized so that the engagement could be special and about us. He has gone from that to I never want to be married to you or anyone else.

I know for a fact that his ex-wife was a horrible person who controlled him, dominated him and manipulated him. It didn't help either that he was 19 and she was 29 when they first met.

He is definately the man I've always wanted but now don't know what to do. Is it that she did so much damage he is scared of getting hurt again although I've been faithful and honest with him since day one unlike her? Will he ever want to remarry?

Dear Belinda

This really isn't about his age, or ex - it's about him. Yes, it's possible he will change - but very, very, very unlikely.

The End.

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