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Husband Defrauding Insurance

Tonya wrote:

My in-laws are somewhat not my favorite people. My mother-in- law had a wreck a couple of years back and they asked my husband to commit fraud by lying to the auto insurance company that we go through.

They asked him to lie and say that their cars were his and had him put them on our insurance. My father in law doesnt have a drivers license and my mother in law recently had a wreck with her car being under our insurance.

I have repeatedly told my husband that I do not like what he is doing and to have them taken off. He keeps saying he will but always comes up with some excuse as to why he hasn't done so.

I have threatened to turn him in my self but he still won't listen. I'm not sure what else I can do. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

Dear Tonya

Is this about hurting the hated inlaws, concern for your husband, or a wish to be legally correct?

You need to be clear, as you seem willing to risk your marriage over it.

If it's about 'winning' against the in-laws, then drop it. Victory followed by divorce is a hollow victory indeed!

If it's concern for your husband, then stop making threats unless you are prepared to carry them out. For example, you could find when the policies are up for renewal, and say to your husband "if you renew on these terms, I'm going to report it" - but only if you mean it, and only if you can convince him you mean it.

If it's about the law, then why didn't you stand up two years ago?

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