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Family won't apologise!

Toni wrote:

I just got a brand new 2007 car I took it to my nephews 3rd birthday party. He threw a toy at it and it made a dent on my door, I was upset of course but I know he's a kid but his parents never said I'm sorry or offered to pay for the damages.

I went ahead and fixed it I plan on sending them the bill but I know they won't pay it and I haven't talked to them since should I forgive and forget cause they are family or should I stick to it and not talk to them until they say I'm sorry !!

Dear Toni

Your choice really, but think it through.

First, I doubt they are mind-readers, and if you are not talking, it's going to be difficult to get that apology.

Second, you are young now, and if you stick to your guns, you are going to have embarassing family gatherings for the next 70-odd years.

Don't get me wrong, I feel for your frustration; people can be thoughtless and selfish. But think carefully before you decide to sulk forever; you'll probably be the one that suffers - they won't even notice.

Much better to talk to them. If you go expecting the world, then expect to be disappointed. But if you just explain theat you were hurt - and you are out of pocket, they might - just might - meet you half way.

And if they don't, well at least they'll know why you ignore them for 70 years, won't they?

On the other hand, there's no law that says you have to mix with family; you are an adult, it's your life, you can walk away and never ever see them again, if you choose. But be sure that's really what you want.

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