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I Tricked Him - He Dumped Me

Mary wrote:

I have been going out this this guy for almost 1 and half year, we been through alot together, i love him and i know he loves me alot as well but there is one problem that i just couldnt get over it is his ex. i have to admit i feel uncomfortable. i did something bad that i went through his phone and saw they still contact each other .. i asked him (do you still keeping contact with ur ex... he said no. they havent contact since they broke up) i knew he lied but i dont have evident to proof it.It has been going on for quiet sometimes and i know they are still contacting each other. when i am with him they are not ..but when i went home they talk to each other somtimes.. the problems start last friday .. i didnt have a clue whey i did that but i actually had his email details i got in there and read through all the email that they sent to each other since they still together. i pretent to be him and email her .. somehow she knew that wasnt him.. she calls him and they check the email.. i got busted. when i came up and see him he asked me why you did this? i pretend not knowing what he is talking about .. and he said the email i said i didnt do it .. i didnt admit that i did.. then at the end i did . i said it was me and i am sorry .. he said "i coudnt believe you lie to my face. I said you lied to my face all the times. then he said i went ways over the limit and he actually broke up with me. before i left i wrote him a NOTE said "i am sincerely sorry for what i've done. i didnt know why i did such a thing. I love you i felt ensecure somtimes i know i was stupid and crazy . i am sorry please forgive me i know you love me and please at least give us another chance, I promise this will never ever happen again."

i know i am stupid to do that. i dont want to loose him. I love him please help me. please tell me what should i do...??

Dear Mary

Learn. Promise yourself you'll not play games like that again.

Who knows if he'll come back; he may.

But if you play those games, you'll soon have no friends at all.

People talk.

Good Luck.

"Honest Advice"

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