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Sex Problems - In my head?

Said wrote:

I regularly masturbate and get eroused seeing woman. I am 21 years old male and never had sex before. I tried to have sex with a girl whom i know. But once we are together i was unable to get erection seeing her naked. After some time i got erection but could not hold it for more time and had to come out even before inserting my penis into her.

Just because it is first time I was little worried and tensed.

Is it in my head or I am not physicall fit.

Dear Said

Most likely it's an anxiety thing. You might find it easier to build up gently to sex - spend more time on the relationship, and the sex may take care of itself. And your partner is more likely to be supportive and sympathetic.

You are treating sex as a purely physical thing between two people - that's masturbation. Try to get your head around the quaint idea of an act of love between two human beings; two people, not a penis and a vagina.

If problems continue, then get checked out - but from your story, a physical problem is very unlikely.

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