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Marriage, Father and Money

Boulos wrote:

I need your advice regarding a very serious issue in my life I'm 28 year old male, has been married for the last 7 years. My father doesn't listen, he supported me financially during my undergraduate studies, and now he agreed on spending on my postgraduate master degree. But the problem that I never felt him in my life emotionally.

He made me marry his brother's daughter during my college time who's not educated at all and hardly can write her name and I agreed because at that time I didn't know what marriage means and I needed to finish college because without his money I won't be able to pay the fee. But then after i started my master I felt that lady is not the right one for me and wanted divorce because I didn't like her at all and I had that feeling from the first week after marriage, we never lived together more than two weeks a year during all the seven years. So during seven years we lived a total of four months together because I live away from her dad's house in another state.

We had no children but now she's pregnant in her 3rd month. Now my father is so angry at me and warning me that if I divorce her now or later he won't talk to me and I should forget about him and his financial support, I still need his support to finish my master. He's very backward.

So I don't want to live with that lady any more and at the same time I don't want to lose my dad. I'm confused. Now I'm in love with another girl and we agreed on marriage.

please answer me because I'm confused and need the answer badly.

Dear Boulos,

You are 28, and living off Daddy's money. You don't respect him, because he 'doesn't understand you', but you are happy to take his money.

At his behest, at age 21, you married to please him, and to keep the cash flowing. She's poorl;y educated, but you've never thried tto help her or get to know her - in fact, you've avoided her, so you could keep spending daddy's cash, and have girl friends on the side.

Life was grand, until your wife, whom you do not even like, got pregnant. this probably wasn't a miracle, it was probably you using her.

And now, to cap it all, your girlfriend wants to marry you. Does she know you are already married? Is she pregnant too?

And you are worried that Daddy will turn the tap off.

And in all this, not a thought for your wife - who probably didn't choose you, either - or her unborn child.

I think it's make your mind up time - crawl round Daddy one more time, and ditch the girlfriend, or walk tall, divorce your wife and marry the current girlfriend.

I suspect Daddy has other considerations, like honor, morality, and respect for others. But hey, he's got the money, so crawl.

"Honest Advice"

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