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Rocket Science Relationship?

Suzannah wrote:

I'm a freshman in high school and I have a huge problem with this guy. He is a senior and really likes me. At first, before I got to know him, I just thought he was annoying and not attractive. But now I know him I really like him too.

There are also other complications as well. If we do go out, he is a senior and I'm a freshman, that means he will be graduating this year. If our relationship lasts then I'll have to say goodbye to him when he goes off to college. I don't know if I want to go through another heart break, but if I don't go out with him I couldn't see him with another girl.

Another complication is that my parents don't want me to go on a car date, and he has a car. Would that mess up our relationship? Please I need to know what to do. Thanks,

Dear Suzannah

You have no problems with this guy - just problems with your confidence. You are looking for excuses to hide.

So he may leave at the end of the year? Sheesh, woman, you aren't marrying him. Your relationship might not last two dates! And if it does, Great! - Let the year end be a problem in the future. Plenty of time!

So he has a car. Does it have doors? Can he leave it without turning to jelly? Then when you arrange the date, tell him, and find a way around it. If he's a sinterested as you think, it is not a problem, really. Is it?

Go for it Girl, Go for it!

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