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Grandmother died - we never said Goodbye.

Barbara wrote:

About four years ago my Grandmother died. However I never got to speak to her before she died ... nor attend her funeral. She was cremated. I still find it difficult to deal with and feel like I need to say goodbye properly.

Does anyone have any suggestions as to how I can say goodbye to her??

Dear Barbara,

Sometimes people find that if they visit a shared place, they get the feeling that the person who died is with them; if there was a park or somewhere that you have memories of her, maybe go there at a quiet time and think about her and the good times. That may give you some comfort.

Others find that the place the funeral service was held, or where she is commemorated can give you the feeling that she is there. If she had a friend in the church, or something like that, talking with that person can help.

Four years is quite a time to have this kind of concern; if it's death in general that is an issue, rather than your Grandmother's, that may be something you need to get sorted out.

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