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They are controlling me!

Suzie wrote:

I am in a very close knit group of friends, and we all have a laugh and whatnot, but in the last year I have noticed that we are more like a pack of dogs than a group of friends!

There are two girls who run the show: they organise everything, sort out everyones problems ect... sounds great does'nt it? well, it is... until you don't want to follow what they are doing.

I just wanted to go on this weekend trip thing where you lead a kind of guide camp for little kids, and I told them about it and they got realy mad. They told me I could'nt go. This scared me a little and I whent anyway. When I came back, they had written all these rules for me, and said they were "booking me" on certain days.

I feel like I'm being controlled by them and I don't know what to do!

Dear Suzie

People only control you if you let them. It's that simple.

Move on, find new friends who are not a bunch of bullies. If they follow you, then you'll have to seek help. It might not be easy. But do it.

These are not friends, they are bullies. No more - no less.

Good Luck!

"Honest Advice"

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