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He's Separated from His Wife

Bethany wrote:

I have recently met a man who is seperated from his wife, they have a six month old son. I tried to avoid getting serious, because his divorce isn't final and he is just moving to the area.

About four weeks ago he asked if we could be "official", and basically not see other people; I agreed. Normally he will refer to her as "The B***h" & talk crap about her, but lately he's been kind of distant, and calling her by her name.

She has even stayed the night twice with the baby! When I ask if they are getting back together he says no not right now that they are just trying to get along for the baby. Should I try to break away from this relationship, before I end up hurt or should I stick around and see what happens? please help me!

Dear Bethany

You've already been hurt, and you'll be hurt again. This is not going to work, and you've always known that.

He is simply using you. Not necessarily on purpose, but using you none the less. For sex.

Their split was very recent, and with the baby, too, there's absolutely no way he's got over her - or will for a long time. In the early days, when his hate was strong, he needed out, and probably could not imagine ever speaking to her again, let alone planning a future. Or sleeping with her.

As you've seen, things change. You could probably remain a 'bit on the side', but your relationship is forever marked by being the rebound, not a 'proper' relationship.

Do what you should have done in the first place - run.

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