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Best Friend Is A Cheat And A Liar

Melissa wrote:

Dear Anon,

I do not know what to do. I would like to know if I should be mad or just ignore the situation. My best best friend slept with both of my brothers. Me and her are both in 7 grade. Ii am 13 she is 12. she is very very mature for her age (she looks 15). My brothers are both 15.

My mom has done everything for my friend my mom buys her clothing toys, etc my mom even told her to make a Christmas list and my mom got her half of it.

On her family(mom) does not participate in christmas. When she spent the night at my house on christmas she had sex with my brother. Another night, when everyone went to sleep her and my other brother went downstairs and did the same thing. She acted normal and I didn't even know. My mom found out and got mad at me for having hoe friends. I had no idea. I found out by texting her from my brothers phone.

She was like when are we going to do it again I forgave her and told her it would have to stop. Today she came over. I was on the computer and she went downstairs. I went downstairs to get her to show her a video. She and my brother were in the basement alone with the lights turned off. I spyed and they started to make out. I busted her and she said she was getting her phone. I went back up stairs. I came down again. They did not know I was there. She got her phone back but still stayed to make out. I made a noise and she saw me I left and came to get back on the computer I am now writing this letter and she is still down there should she be allowed back over because that is very disrespectful. Can't make up my mind

Dear Melissa,

Your "best friend" has disrespected your mom, and abused her hospitality.

Your "best friend" has lied to you and disrespected you.

Your "best friend" has probably given your brothers some fairly nasty diseases, and risked them time behind bars.

Your "best friend" will soon end up pregnant, and is clearly way to immature to cope with that - and you can bet she'll ruin your brothers lives to get her revenge.

She's your best friend? Geez, you must be pretty short on friends. If that was me, she'd be out the door just for disrespecting my mom, I wouldn't wait for the rest.

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