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Fiancé's mother hates me

Frances wrote:

my fiancé's mother absolutely hates me.

I have been with my fiancé for three years. About six months in the the relationship we decided to move to my house. He had a mobile home on some lane beside his parents about 1000 yard from their door. I did not want to live that close to them. I had done it before and we ended up in divorce.

His mom got very upset with me. He was on the phone with her and used some cuss words, she said I did it, and took me with a warrant of curse and abuse over the phone. The next day we went to his house to finish moving his things to my home and she pushed her way into the house, and started pushing me, calling me every name she could think of, telling him I sleep with everybody, and not in a nice way.

Finally after she pushed me I pushed back. We got in to a little push and shove fight. she took me with a warrant for that too. I was arrested and had to go top court. My lawyers advised me to take her with a warrant also. She even threatened to kill me. So I did. when we went to court, they dropped my charges and continued with hers.

So needless to say she hates me. We have two separate families, we have custody of my boyfriends son. We fight a lot over them I need your help.

I feel left out and I am starting to even think he is plotting with them against me too. He tried to tell me they ask for me to come over to their house I would not go because they also tried to arrest me for trespassing. My boyfriend tried to get me to go.

Then of course it is Christmas I tried come up with a solution, so they could see their grandson, his mom would not do. I wanted to meet at a family friends house so I could not get in any trouble. If I came to their house it would have been ok but I was scared to. So I think they and my boyfriend was trying to set me up. I have a good job and if I get charged with some thing I would loose my job. I also have a 14 year old daughter and I would loose her too. His mother is crazy. I need some advice.

Dear Frances

What are you playing at?

Move again - a couple of hundred miles. If the boyfriend won't come, fine. Leave him.

Do you really want this c*** for the rest of your life?

You want to marry into this family? Marry a man you do not trust?


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