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Want to visit my ex

Yanni wrote:

My drama began when I cheated on my boyfriend. We had been together for almost three years and I was at a point in my life where I felt like I needed to meet other people. He was my first "real" boyfriend and we had met when I was 14. I knew that I loved him but I just needed a change.

I couldn't live with the guilt so I ended up telling him. He obviously took the news really bad. He told me he never wanted to talk again or hear my voice. So I didn't call him at all. My heart was broken and I could not believe what I had done.

He called me a few days later and told me that he was gonna move to California with his sister and he had forgiven me. He said that he could not live without me and he understands why I made that mistake he said he was willing to work things out with me and he could not bear the fact of me being with anyone else but him. He had asked me to go with him to California but I couldn't ... I was about to start college and it was at the spur of the moment in which he had asked me.

Now I miss him so much that he's gone. Things at home have gotten really bad and I really don't want to live here any more. He recently bought me a ticket to go see him in four days and my mom doesn't know yet ... how do I tell her and when???

HELP !! I really love him and miss him a lot. It's not like I'm gonna live with him I'm just gonna see him and my parents are really overprotective.

Dear Yanni

You lost a boyfriend through cheating and lying, and now you are still doing it. I don't think your parents are overprotective - I think they just don't trust you.

Who would?

If you want to go through life lying and cheating, and never seeing that's a problem, I suspect it's going to be a pretty unpleasant life.

The trick is not to feel sorry for yourself when the truth comes out ... the trick is to avoid the situation by being honest.

Rocket science it ain't.

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