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Porn addiction

Kati wrote:

My husband has just admitted to having a porn addiction for the majority of our marriage. I feel extremely hurt and confused right now.

He has a 'favorite girl' that he masturbates to and it feels like cheating. The pain is almost physical and unbearable at times. Mostly because of the fact I hate his secret live and hurt also because I feel like this is somehow my fault or that I am overeacting.

Through all the times in our marriage like the birth of our two children and other special times...they all seem somehow 'tainted'. I love being married but, I fully wasn't expecting this.

How do I cope? He is going to his first conselling session today. I just don't know what I can or should do or feel. Just feeling so confused. and a bit insecure.

please help

Dear Kati

I can empathise with your pain and confusion.

As you will have seen by searching here, this addiction is not rare - but at least in your case, your husband recognises that there is a problem.

There is hope.

For the moment, if you want to make the marriage work again, stick with it - give him a chance and see what happens next.

Maybe you might consider joint counselling later on.

"Honest Advice"

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