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But I don't want to get married

Connie wrote:

I'm confused I have been with my boyfriend 4 years, I'm engaged as this is what I wanted at the beginning but his family hate me and we have had alot of ups and downs. We have also had a large amount of times where I hardly see him because hes been at uni although hes just finished and we have spent more time together and its been really nice.

But he wants me to marry him one day and I really don't want to because I feel I have had a maried life and I found it boring, I have had some family problems also where I have not had much freedom too. Also I don't like the idea of having his family as my inlaws and he says he doesn't see the point of us being together if we wont marry one day. I really also don't have confidence and on your wedding day its about 'you' I will be too embarrassed.

I dont know what to do.

Dear Connie

Yes you do. Call it off. No-ones forcing you to marry, and while you haven't even considered this, marriage is not about the wedding day, it's about the years and years and years that come after.

You don't want it? Fine. Grow up; Tell him, and Move on.

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