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He Didn't Call For Seven Months

Suzie wrote:

Last summer I met this boy. We spent time together and went out. On the night before he left I begged him to stay but he said he had to go because of school. He didn't call me for two weeks.

Then finally he called my friend house and asked me do we still go out. I said yes. He had to come back up here because his aunt died. I saw him then. Everything was going good until the end of november. He was calling me like he was supposed to. He came up here to go to Florida and he did. When he got back he called me, we was supposed to see each other, at least that's what I thought.

He told me he was gonna call me back and never did. He didn't call me for seven months. During these seven months I spoke to his brother and he said that my boyfriend was going with another girl. Today my boyfriend arived here in Brooklyn and he's staying for good.

How do I get him back? Should I take him back? Can I Trust him again? Why didn't he call me if he was so in love with me? Is he gonna call me after seven months? He told me he loved me and I felt the same way about him and I still do. Does he still want me?

During the months he didn't call. I got his brother to call him on three way and he did. My boyfriend said that we was still together and that he loves me. I don't know what to do.

Dear Suzie

You're convenient, you believe every lie he tells, you wait for seven months while he has a good time ... you are fairly stupid, aren't you?

Wake up; smell the cookies; do you really think he cares for you?

Let me spell it out H-E  D-O-E-S  N-O-T  C-A-R-E.

He's a slug.

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