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He hits, He lies, He's unfaithful

Davina wrote:

I have been dating my boyfriend for four years already and have a baby who is only nine months.

In the past I have found phone numbers of girls on his cell phone or the cell phone bill. I’ve called these girls and we’ve talked. When I confront him about something he always turns things around and makes me feel guilty or like it is always my fault.

We live together and tells me why I don’t trust him if he’s always with me. I do trust him but I just think I’m too jealous. I found this phone number and I called it and a girl answered when I confronted him he got all offensive and started a big argument. He ended up telling me it was a girl from his work and she called him to get work hours. So I let it slide then I found a text message asking him if he could pick her up. I didn’t mention anything but once we got mad I started telling him everything and he said that who cares if he gave her a ride it was just a friend from work and that why do I think that way blah blah blah.. So that girl keeps calling once in a while, which is at least 1 a week and I am super angry and jealous now..

Yesterday that I confronted him we got into an argument and he ended calling me fat bitch and ugly and all those nasty names I am not skinny but not fat either. I’m 125 pounds and I’m 20 years old. The worst part is that he ended up hitting me yesterday and pulling my hair it was like he had the devil I started crying devasted.. I feel bad because a lot of girls in my family don’t have their guy and I know they will talk bad about my like and everything.

I feel I can’t live without him I don’t know what to do I haven’t been sleeping because I’m hurting and crying.. He left the house yesterday and went back home he said he doesn’t want to hear anything about me or the baby. I want him to be part of his babys life. I need help I can’t live like this anymore and I know I can’t do it alone. I cry because my baby will not have a father. Please help me I don’t know what to do…

Dear Davina

He's a shit.
You know he's a shit
He knows he's a shit
Everyone else knows he's a shit.

You think your baby needs a shit for a father?
You think you need a man who beats up on you?

He's a shit.
Change the locks. If he comes near, call the police.

He's a shit.

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