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I'm scared to leave him

Suzannah wrote:

I have been reading your articles and maybe you can help me!

I have been married years and I have a 19 month old girl. But the problem is my husband he drinks all the time he would take our last dollar to get beer because his Mom would give him money back (he's a mom's boy).

He is mentally and has been physically abusive I wake up every morning wanting to leave but I'm scared only that he will take my daughter, because I dont have a job (he wants me to be a housewife one day but the next he tells me to get a job) and my family doesn't have as much as his so he says he'll call the welfare and have her taken I am so confused and scared not to say unhappy.

I wish I knew what to do I just dont want to lose my baby she is my life. He never watched her for more that 10 min since she has been born and never changed but three diapers I just really need some help!

Dear Suzannah

You do need help, and there are people who will help you.

Mothers are more important than money to a baby girl, and her safety is more important than anything. Things will never get better until something changes - and that means you have to do the changing.

Think about you neighborhood, and who can help. Remember that while it's hard to get help for yourself, there's always help for children. Leave him, take her somewhere safe, and start again.

It may be that you can make peace with him later - but first you and the baby must be safe. Start making plans, start looking around.

Do it.

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