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How To Retaliate To A Diss

Nerdy wrote:

I'm 15 years old and I study in High School.

I am the only guy in the school who gets dissed on my face, unable to retaliate. My mouth opens to diss the guy back, but words fail me, and in the end I'm left with a blank look which is very embarassing.

I try to be a sort of funny cool guy, but instead, my disses make me look like a born loser.

I deperately need help for this, since day-by-day I am losing status in my class.

Dear Nerdy

You are playing the wrong game, aren't you? It's not a very nice game, and you aren't good at it. So stop it - you must look a right twat!

There's an old saying; if you can't win at one game, go find another one. One you can win at.

Respect has to be earned; once lost, it's hard to rebuild. So do things you are good at - that builds respect. Wordplay is not your game. Live with it.

So, what are you good at? Or was this all a way of saying you feel useless? Because everyone is good at something. Go find it.

Meanwhile, on a practical level, try these:

"Hey, where do you find these lines - they're so cool"
"You only pick on me because you know I can never outdiss you"
" C'mon, it must be someone else's turn by now ..."

And try smiling. Works wonders.

"Honest Advice"

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