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Inlaws think I beat husband

Katarina wrote:

My husband has a drinking problem, he doesn't admit to it. I have talked to his parents about it and they agreed to stop having beer there, but they didn't follow thru with it.

We had went over there one evening. I let him have 2 beers and he promised he wouldn't drink anymore, He opened one in front of me. So I got mad and told him I was leaving.

When he got into the car I speed off and I punched the arm rest in the car a few times, they all saw it. His sister called me and all the hard feelings we have towards each other and the family came out. Now I'm embarrassed, they all still think I hit him and theirs a lot of unresolved issues. Please help how do I get passed this, without feeling like everyone hates me.

Dear Katarina

There's two separate issues here.

1. The hitting thing - that's simple; your husband just tells them the truth.

2. The bigger issue is whether the marriage is going to survive, and it isn't if you don't both face your problems. You've told us his, but not yours.

If your husband has a drinking problem you - and he - need help in sorting it. Punching armrests suggests you have some problems, as does the row with S-in-law, and their willingness to believe you hit him.

You need to get counselling, preferably together. If you both feel the marriage is worth it.

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