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Is it a good idea to be engaged at 14?

dancinjess88 wrote:

I been going out with this guy for a about a month and two days ago he asked me if I would marry him, at first I thought he was kidding but he told me he was not kidding and that he loved me and there was no chance that he could find anyone better.

I said I would marry him but everyone said that I am to young and that it is stupid. I like him a lot in fact I love him he is the only guy that has been worth going out with, but do you think we should wait?

Even though we would only be engaged and we wouldn't get married till after i finished sophomore year in college?

Dear dancinjess88

Is he the guy you want to spend the next 60 years with?

Are you sure? Very Sure?

Because you might be right, but, like it or not, neither of you has finished growing up yet.

Now, that does NOT mean that you've picked the wrong guy (though you didn't pick him at all, did you?).

What it DOES mean is that in three years time, you will be both be different people. Not better, not worse, not wiser, just different. And you might not want to marry each other. And it might be too late.

What's the tearing hurry?

And, finally, before he asked you, had the thought even crossed your miind?

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