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Should I keep waiting or try to get over him?

lovesickteen wrote:

I am not going to use really names but these are just fake ones to help get the picture across. I like this guy "Joe". My best friend "Becky" is going out with his good friend "Bob". Bob has told me since like November 2003 that "Joe" has liked me and has wanted to ask me out. "Bob" told me to wait on "Joe" and he would ask me out pretty soon.

So I waited and waited and he never did. I was talking to "Bob" at a ball game and he was like I talked to "Joe" the other day and he is gonna ask you out. It has been like lots of months and I am still hearing wait ... he will. Should I keep waiting or just let it go?

Dear lovesickteen

Cut out the middle man. Talk to Joe.

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