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How do I get my best friend back?

aye0225 wrote:

I'm a female and i'm 14. My best friend is a guy and he's going to highschool next year to a differnt school and I'm going into 8th grade. Which is a problem for me being 1 year younger and him being a guy.

I know he wants to look at other girls, and I have absolutely no problem with that because I don't like him more than a friend. But every single girl likes him or thinks he's hot. And now that it's summer it seems that he is starting to forget about me.

I tried talking to him but he says that nothing is changing between us and that i'm always first. But things have changed. We used to talk on the phone 24/7 and now he rarely ever calls me. We used to talk on AIM all the time and now he never talks to me. I always have to talk to him first.

It just seems like i'm not good enough since now he has all of these other girls now that something better has come along. Is there anyway you can help?

Dear aye0225

"But every single girl likes him or thinks he's hot."

Except you.

And he's 15?

Do the math; I'm sure he still likes you, but "just a friend" ain't gonna be a priority for a few years!

"Honest Advice"

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