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guy trouble

hopelesslyflawless wrote:

One of my friends I like is avoiding me and is telling my friends that I follow him and flirt too much. all I do is avoid him how is that flirting??

oh well. I'll start from the beginning.

Back in august we hung out a lot and I did flirt alot. Then when marching band ended we started swimming and I've been doing that since I was 9 so I didn't do it for him and then when that ended track and tennis started. I started tennis for the 1st time this year and he plays too but I started tennis because I wanted to, not for him.

I'll look at him once out of the whole day and he does too. But we never talk and he avoids me so I avoid him. He tells everyone we're just friends and he likes me as a friend and think's i'm a very nice girl but he doesn't like me that way.

Which is fine because I dont like him like that anymore I'm trying to be friends with him. I I just have no idea What to do.

I need some help!! What should I do???

Dear hopelesslyflawless

You follow this guy around, and deny it, you say you don't care, but you obviously do, you say you avoid him, but you obviously don't. (I'll bet you walk past him every five minutes, but don't make eye contact, and call that avoiding)

Get real.

Playing mind games with him will XXXX him off, playing mind games with yourself is rather sad.


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