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heading for disaster? Prostitute, Friends ...

hbottom wrote:

I had a nice relationship with someone for 23 years. I got a bit bored and had one or two affairs, Then decided prostituition was a better thing as there was no relationship.

I knew this prostitute for 7 years. She even had a 'party' with me and a friend. Then my partner decided relationship was going nowhere and left me. I now discover that my friend has been sleeping with her he knows about the prostitute obviously.

And am so far still friends with my ex. AND I am visting my friend's ex next weekend.

Now I am considering the practical arrangement of my now ex-pro friend moving in with me WE are friendly maybe more than friendly.

Its all getting a bit to complicated. Advice and criticism is welcome!

Dear hbottom

It all sounds seriously unsatisfying, and doesn't sound like there's much of a future.

You don't say what you think, or what you want, so it's hard to advise.

But at your age, I'd have thought relationships would be more satisfying if there were some depth. Even the sex would probably be better if there some element of a relationship.

But what exactly is the problem?

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