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I've had several affairs

Totally Confused:

I recently revealed to my girlfriend of almost two years that I've had several affairs. Two of them were when she wouldn't sleep with me for almost four months, and another two were when we were broken up for two months, We came clean with each other on this issue after being back together for a couple months, and there were some lies by her too, but she never cheated. I want to try to work through this, but I'm not sure if she does. Can it be done and what do I do now? Is it better to not tell of affairs, or to be honest??? .

Gina Advised

If you have had several affairs then then are huge issues that need to be addressed. You need to figure out what you want out of this relationship and why you are cheating. Is there something lacking in the relationship that leads you to seek others? Where did you learn that cheating is o.k? Why not leave the relationship instead of sleeping with other women? How does she feel? Does she trust you and want to work on things? This isn't just about being honest about your affairs it is about stopping them before they happen an learning how to have a healthy relationship.

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