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I Want My Cousin

Bernard wrote:

I have a question I can't answer myself. I plea for you to answer. I'm originally from South America and for the past 16 years I've been living in the United States.

I'm currently 26 years old and in those past 16 years I've visited my country twice. Now my problem is as follows. The first time I visited I met cousins of mine whom I hadn't seen in years since I was little. When I tell you that when I saw one of my girl cousins I couldn't take my eyes of her. She was gorgeous!!! Being that we are cousins I blocked it out of my mind and we all had a great time. Again the second time I went I felt the same way. I couldn't help my attraction towards her.

Time passed and I came back to the USA were we lost touch once again. Everything seemed back to normal, until somehow we recently started writing emails back and forth. Then it became talking on MSN messanger everyday, once or twice a day. Now I find me calling her long distance to hear her voice. Not to mention she's declared her affection towards me and we're not talking about 2nd cousin family affection.

I have never had any physical contact with her. Other than a hug and a kiss on the cheek. What drives me crazy and makes me feel so wrong and weird is that I wish I could kiss her and hug her in a different manner. This thought makes me feel good and grosses me out at the same time. But I can't help the way I'm started to feeling. Coming from a spanish culture it would not be acceptable in my counrtry or in my family.

What do I do? Remember it is a very mutual situation. To make matters worse I've been planning a trip down to South America. I plan to go for a month and this is making me feel worried knowing that I will see her. Should I stop talking to her or what? I don't want every single answer, but just advice. To have an inclination as to what path to follow or lead. Please I would be extremely greatful for your advice. Please write as soon as you can. Thank you very much.

Dear Bernard

It's not rocket science, is it? You gleefully admit to a strong sexual attraction, but there's no mention of her as a real person, no hint that you are considering a serious relationship.

If such a relationship is tabboo in your culture, you must ask yourself if it is worth upsetting the whole family for a night of passion.

Have you considered a woman who is not a cousin? You might also consider a woman who provides a professional service in this area, or maybe stick to masturbation.

Over to you.

"Honest Advice"

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