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Teen Daughter vs. Dad

Gahusker wrote:

I come from Nebraska. I have never written to a forum before but it might be like a journal and serve a good purpose by venting my problem.

I have been married for 20 years. I have a daycare business in my home. My husband has been at home with me for those 10 years of my business.

My daughter and I have suffered emotionally because of his constant yelling at her and name calling "a______" ex. He says that he will treat her the same lousy way she treats him .

She is a typical teen. But he has belittled her since I can remember and she hates me for not stopping him. She wants him to leave. I told her that it isn't so easy. I told her I love her but she says I don't.

He even puts me and my family down. He sounds smart in talk, about cars and other fixup stuff, but when it comes to his own daughter, he stinks. I want to know if I should tell him to leave or what.

This is what scared me the most, A couple of weeks ago we were at a store and he was venting his anger. He says to me, "Boy she sure is lucky you are around because if you weren't she would get smacked or worse". He said he would have ___ her. he also has said he would smack her kick her out and send her to foster care.

Can anybody help me and my daughter??

I love her with all my heart and this is tearing us up. I am the one with the better income and I like his family and all, but I love my daughter more. IS there anyone one with the right advice. Divorce or what???.

Dear Gahusker

It seems you have allowed this for a long time ... either you love her, or you don't.

If you do, then protect her.
If you don't, wait a while, and someone else will - and you'll be as guilty as the perpetrator.

The way you tell it, this is about taking sides. So far, you've taken his. What has she done to deserve both her parents against her?

If you are scared to help her for her sake, think about your business. How long will that last, once your name is in the papers in a child abuse case?

"Honest Advice"

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