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"Just Friends" Not Working

Akbabe wrote:

My boyfriend and I just broke up about 3 weeks ago. it was kinda his call, he said it would be better if "we were just friends". typical, right? well, i had a feeling in the back of my head that nothing would be the same again. things were okay for about the first day, but he wasnt really talking to me which bothered me. i mean if ur gonna break up to be friends, u gotta be friends or else its just not right to me! so thats when the fighting began. it went on for about a week just cussing at each other and putting each other down because he was making up stuff about me and claiming that i did and said stuff that i never did! it made really mad. then, a few days ago, his "best girl friend" danielle was talking to me and she was like "me and jacob are best friends and he tells me stuff and ive read all of yalls convos and it seems like ur being a real b**** to him. take my advice and stay away from him, he has me he doesnt need any other best girl friends." so since then i havent said a word to him and things havent gotten any better or worse i mean how could they if i havent talked to him! im afraid to talk to him because i dont wanna screw anything else up! he was one of my really good friends before we started going out and now all i want is for things to be the way they were. i dont know how to approach him though, and if i do... what do i say? i need adive QUICK and lots of it! cuz until yall give me some good stuff to say, im totally stuck! thanks yall are the best!

Dear Akbabe

What is it about "over" that you don't understand?

Things are not going to be like they were. No amount of cussing, mind games and hope will change that. Don't throw your self respect after the relationship.

Move on.

There may be a time when you can be friends again, there may not. But the more you push it, the less likely that is. He's tried letting you down gently, he's tried lying, he's tried sending your friends to talk to you, he's tried sharing your secrets ... take the hint!

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