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Impending Divorce

Trixie wrote:

My husband of 10 years wants a divorce, but his clothes are still here, everything is still here, he has left and we are waiting to sign the divorce papers.

It is also a secret as to where he is living. I do suspect another woman, so why won't he move his things out of here?

He cannot look at me, did not want to talk things over, and said there was not a happy day for him in ten years,but this is simply untrue.

Why does he have to say such hurtful things now, What does he hope to gain by it?

Dear Trixie

There will come a time when you can explore all the reasons for his strange behaviour ... for now, he's filing for divorce, so that is not the priority.

The priority is making sure you get good advice about the divorce ... do not sign anything until you have seen a lawyer and talked in detail with your family and some trusted friends. Not friends who will support you whatever you do - you'll need them later - but friends who will be straight and honest and help with the processes you are going through.

It sounds as if this divorce is going to happen; you need to protect yourself. It may be that his strange behaviour is part of a scheme to rush the divorce through before you realise what's happening.

Later, give yourself time to suffer the loss, and gather your closest friends around you. But not yet.

It's sad, but it's business first.

"Honest Advice"

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