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Does he like me?

Lori wrote:

I'm just one-in-a-million asking the famous question "Does he like me?". I'm not expecting you to be nice with me trying to tell me that he "might" like me. All I need is a straight answer, your thoughts.

Okay here's my story: It all started a few months ago when we had this German Fest. It wasn't at school and there was no way I could get a ride at that short
notice. Well when he found out, he asked me if I wanted to catch a ride with him. I said yes, of course. When he came to pick me up he was very friendly asking me if he needed to talk to my parents to make sure that it's okay that he's giving me a ride etc.

Anyway, on our way he put on the song "First Date" by blink-182 which I didn't know if he just likes that song or because he likes me. When he dropped me off, he waited until I was inside and later explained that "he just wanted to make sure I'm getting inside save." At school he is always up to joking around and even compliments me on my clothes or hair when I'm not even trying to look good. And whenever we're in class together he asks me to sit with him and always tries to strike up an conversation.

Now, he's one of those very popular and good-looking guys and when some of the girls saw us talking and joking around at school, they told me stuff like "He has a goal of how many girls he wants to sleep with this year." which really freaked me out and I felt horrible for a long time. He doesn't seem like a person who would be like that, but I feel very insecure.

Sometimes it occurs to me that we would make better friends, but there's always that wish of being more than just that. Sorry I made this long, but there was no shorter way to explain it. I would appreciate it if you wrote back, but wouldn't take it personal if you don't, so bye!

Dear Lori

Yes, he likes you - but you knew that.

The big question is "What next"? Does he like you enough? Do you like him, or are you just flattered. etc., etc. ....

Whatever your questiosn - and whatever his questions - the next step has to be to talk to him.

Many relationships get nowhere because people let rumors and rubbish get in the way.

Get to know him; take your time. Start by building trust - not letting others undermine it.

"Honest Advice"

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