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Is porn more important?

Vip Val wrote:

Call me crazy but my boyfriend and I have been together for almost six months and lately he is watching a lot of porn.

It s so bad that its almost like he wants me to know. I find tapes hidden, and dirty tissuses on the floor.. I HATE porn We talked about it and he threw them away so I thought.

I caught him watching one the very next day I poured my heart out on how much I hated it.. Am I crazy to get mad at him? Am I over reacting? It makes me feel disgusted and I'im now not sexually attractive to him and is continually lying about watching them. He said they are all gone ? Do I believe him and try to start new? or live with it because honesty is my # 1 thing?

He's 22, I'm 23.

Dear Vip Val

First, I wonder what made you choose him in the first place.

Second, I wonder why you stay with him, if he disgusts you so much.

Third, you say nothing about the relationship other than the porn.

Is the porn more important to you than the relationship?

Would you believe him again? Does it really matter, as you really don't seem to like him very much?

You need to start by asking your self what matters to you; What is there in this relationship for you?

Remember that he is who he is; are you being reasonable asking him to change completely, or is this some kind of loyalty test?

And if porn matters so much, wouldn't you be better with a man who isn't into porn, rather than spend all your time obsessing about this guy?


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