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Lost in Rehab.

Moira wrote:

I really need to ask some advice. I went out with this guy for about 8 months we got engaged and things were really looking good, every girls dream

I have a 2 and a half year old son and he also really cares about my fiancee. He is in rehab at the moment and will come out on the 3rd of March.

The story is we meet and he persued me then finally I let go and got involved with him. Then I moved in with him and his folks he promised me the world. We got engaged my son started calling him dad. My son and I went on holiday for 1 week. My fiancee went off the rails and ended up in rehab.

He hadn't been there even 3 weeks when he phoned and asked if I'd go in, as he needed to speak to me.

He told me he never ever loved me, he manipulated me in to believing that he did. He didn't want to get engaged but he did and then he just played along with he is being so hard about everything and doesnt want to talk to me or see me again, my son and I have to move out of his parents house by the time he comes out of rehab. He also says he can't live lies any more and he did it just to keep his parents happy.

I just need to know is it possible for some body to manipulate you into believing that they love you and staying with the person they have no feelings for at all for 8 months or is it just rehab getting to him I really don't understand if so why did he do all this please help me as I can't accept this at all I think he's lying about everything that he has told me.

Dear Moira

First, accept that it's over, and be relieved he's told you now, rather than later.

Second, The alarm bells should have rung when he first went into rehab - I find it hard to believe he went from perfect to rehab in a week - either you have not told me all - or, as he says, he's been deceiving you.

Third, Think of your child and the future. Learn from this and move on. There are good men out there as well as bad - but you don't necessarily need a man at this moment - and if you do, keep your eyes wide open.

Please Note: I am NOT a physician, and any 'health advice' should NOT be taken to be "Medical Advice" - because it is not - my aim is to give you a few possibilities to be thinking about, and some general 'common sense' advice - if my advice says see a doctor, then see a doctor!

"Honest Advice"

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