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A Simmering Love Affair

Kat wrote:

textarea: I work as a team with this man on a weekly basis. We have a lot in common, single parents, same profession, spirituality, etc. There is an incredible chemistry between us. We have been out to dinner several times during the past year or so.

We have fooled around a bit.He does things like adjusting my carseat. He also tells me how to drive (not in a belittling way, but just how to drive more aggressively without being reckless). I want to be his lover. Should I tell him that. Or wait for him to make the next move.

Dear Kat

There's two issues here; you don't mention whether he's married or attached (or if you are). That's something to think about, I suggest.

But a practical issue between you is that you work together ... you don't say if he is your boss, or you his, or you work as equals. That matters. Esecially if things ever go wrong.

But, having raised those issues, to answer your actual question ... why wait for him? There's no reason why you cannot make the first move, is there?

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