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No-one asks me out

Lorraine wrote:

I haven't been asked out in a full school year. This may seem not that bad but the year before I was asked out a ton of times. I just don't see why guys that I like a lot don't feel the same way about me.

Maybe you can't answer my question because we're talking about me instead of girls in general, but what could be the cause of not getting asked out. I know there are probly millions of reasons but you never know.

Dear Lorraine

You're right, it's not easy!

You don't say how you responded last year.

  • Did you always say no? If so, maybe they gave up!
  • Did you say yes, but not enjoy the date, and it fell apart? Examine what went wrong.
  • Did your popularity go to your head? Were you too good for them?
  • Did you leave all the moves to them? Is it time to be part of a relationship?

You don't what's different this year.

  • Have you changed your circle of friends?
  • Have you lost touch with what's going on?
  • Have the boys grown up too fast for you?
  • What's different about you?

And I'm sure there's many other questions you've been asking yourself.

But why not talk to one of the boys who cared last year?

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