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I Don't Like Bars

Lorna wrote:

I went out with a friend last night to a popular night club in my area. We were sitting down, and this group of guys approached us. Well, my friend, anyway.

They seemed friendly enough, but I'm very shy around new people, and in uncomfortable situations. After what felt like forever, we moved to the dance floor.

My friend danced with this one guy for like an hour, leaving me with his three drunk friends. Not once did she say join us, or whatever. I don't how how she couldn't see how uncomfortable I was. At one point, one of his friends was trying to dirty dance with me, and i'm not like that....

A few different times during the night, this guy that she was dancing with was like "smile".and my friend just stood there, not defending me. Why would I smile, if I didn't feel like it??

A few different times we lost each other. when I did find them, not once was it "sorry" . at the end of the night, it felt so awkward driving home with her...I don't know what to say. should I say anything, or will I just appear jealous? I mean, I like getting attention, but a bar is not the place that I want to meet someone.....

Dear Lorna

If you don't like bars, why go to one? If you don't like your 'friend' why go out with her? There's nothing wrong with being shy, but don't you think you could have explained all this in advance ... or even said something at the time?

Choose your friends more carefully, is a place to start. And if you can't get the duct tape off your mouth, go for a telepathic friend next time.

"Honest Advice"

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