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I feel so torn

Kath wrote:

I have been together with my finace almost 3 years. Between that time I have moved to California with my sisters to start a new life of which he new I was doing when we started dating. I thought he would follow. His parents told him they would pay for his school. We decided in the long run this would save us money. I realized I could not be without him for that amount of time so I moved home.

Everytime I bring up moving he feels like he has no choice but he knew I wanted to move soon. I feel he is dragging his feet. However he keeps saying I don't live in the real world...that you just can't get up and go. I understand that he needs to save up but he spends money on gift on me. I can't help but get upset.

He also knew that I wanted to live with my twin sister. Now she is comfortable in California and does not want to move right now. He already told me he feels that he has no choice in the situation...but if I want to leave he will support me.
I don't want to leave him, but I don't want to be with out my sister.

I feel real torn.

Dear Kath

You chose to move away; you were honest and straight about it. He chose not to follow. Rather than admit he's made that choice, he makes excuses. But facts are facts.

He has made his choice. Live with it. Move on.

"Honest Advice"

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