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Men and Jealousy

Toni wrote:

I've encounterd a couple of men who have attempted to make me feel jealous. The circumstances being the man and I are newly dating or barely know each other. Sometimes the guy would go out of his way to flirt with another female in my presence, when it was obvious he was not really interested in her and really interested in me. What is this?

Dear Toni

I wonder why you are so sure of their intentions?

Did these same men flirt with you before you started going out? Some guys flirt, with no intentions whatsover, when with or not with their girlfriends. they are what's known in the trade as 'nice guys'.And so long as all three parties know they'd rather be with you, I find it hard to see what the problem is.

Am I missing something? Is there something about you - or your behaviour - that counts here?

Have you had rows about jealousy, or any kind of discussion?

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