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Brothers son not baptized

Ursula wrote:

My brother married out of the church the same as I did, however my child is baptized catholic. His wife will not allow their child to be baptized. Her beliefs are way off course, but my brother loves her.

He explained that the child could be baptized and then when older if he dosen't like the religion then he can change. She says no. She even threaten him that he will only get to see his son on weekends and two weeks out of the summer if he continues his argument. Please give some advice.

Dear Ursula

Trouble is, she probably thinks your beliefs are way off, too. And, of course, the child could be not baptized now, but join the Catholic Church later, if he wishes.

Both arguments are equally valid, so no progress there.

Either way, this is between them - not you - and really depends on what they agreed when they were togethere, before the child was born.

I cannot see that your brother has a stronger claim than his wife, and she is actually bringing the child up, so my guess is that her religion would prevail.

I guess that the boy's father is making his contribution, and I'm sure that as the child grows up, he will make his own mind up.

As your brother has clearly lapsed his own Catholicism, are you quite sure this is not a weapon to hurt his wife, rather than a real concern. And what is your interest in all this?

What matters, is that the child is brought up well, and knows he has the love of both his parents. Though the Catholic Church does have strong policies on Baptism of Innocents, they also teach Christ's doctine of protecting children. I don't think a Christian God will hurt a child because his parents argue about Baptism; if in doubt, ask a priest.

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