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Stuck in a relationship

Lena wrote:

I really hope you can answer this. I have had a problem for a really long time. I have been dating this boy for about 9 months now and this were going great.

But now I see that hes only giving me surface data. I ask him questions about our relationship and he answer with a 'yes' or a 'I don't know'. He never gets into his feelings. Plus I also call him and I make the plans he never does anything like that.

And all my friends tell me I deserve better. And well there is a guy that is my best friend and when I talk to him about my problem I can see how much he cares about me...... and just a little while ago he said he had feelings for me. And I have feelings for him..... but I just can't break up with my boyfriend I want to but I don't know what holding me back.

Can you please help?

Dear Lena

I can see why you are confused ... so am I

First, what's so different about your botfriend now, compared with before you started dating?

Second, who chooses your boyfriends - you or 'all your friends'

Thirdly, if you despise your boyfriend so much, I cannot see why he doesn't dump you ... perhaps 'all his friends' tell him you are worth it?

"Honest Advice"

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