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Is This Third Time Lucky?

Teri wrote:

I have been married twice and recently got engaged to be married for the third time believe me I am really scared I don't know if this is normal or what I'll tell you what is happening, recently I bumped into my exboyfriend that I was in love with when I was in senior high school he was my first love and I love him with all my heart but because of my stupidity I ended up marrying another guy.

I had a child with my first husband and later got separated from him and came back home while I was home I saw my ex boyfriend and yes I had sex with him but he was married at the time.

We told each how we felt but them again nothing else happened I didn't see him for 13 years and now 2 marriages later I bump into him again and as soon as we see each other I feel that you know that feeling you have when you are in love right in your stomach.

I felt so good to see him again we talked for ours we told each other alot of things we told each other how we still felt (he also is going through a bad marriage his wife recently cheated on him) and he is there because of his kids.

Well anyway he told me he still loves and no matter what happens he will always love and will be there for me if I ever need him. I told him the same we cried and laughed together and now all I do is think about him I can't get him out of my mind he asked me if I was in love with my fiance and I told him that I loved the things that he did for me and how he treated me and I know that no other man will do the things that my fiance does for me.

I really don't want to hurt my fiance. I don't know what to do, before I saw my exboyfriend J.L. I was already having doubts and now that I spoke to J.L. it seems that I'm more in a doubt now..please help me....

Dear Teri,

I'm not clear what the problem is. You've never been able to tell the difference between love and lust, and the way things are going, you never will.

You've never been one to worry about betrayal and unfaithfulness (unless it happens to you), so carry on.

If you have any decency, let your fiance go, and carry on.

One small note of caution: when you are young, sex and betrayal come cheap. As you get to middle age, there's a price. And that price is the ultimate, desolate loneliness of the person who dare not trust anyone - because you know they cannot trust you.

"Honest Advice"

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